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What is it to be a real woman? It is a good question that many have asked. It's not about a to-do list or looking a particular way. She is about a woman who lives for the glory of God in all the various stages and circumstances of her life.

We invite you to join the study of this book with us. Just as a mom, sister, or elder in your church would do, allow us to share about our lives and experiences, and more importantly, share with you about how the Gospel applies to each of the various seasons and circumstances of life, and let us know. It allows you to live in freedom, fullness and abundance in Christ, for the glory of His name.

How will we do it?

The book is composed of 11 chapters that address the essential themes at the heart of biblical womanhood. These chapters don't have to be read in any particular order, so we've grouped together topics that are similar and created 4 accompanying videos for your reading.

These are the dates on which we will publish the videos and the order in which we will read the book:

  • Monday, October 22
    Video: Living for the glory of God
    Chapter: 1
  • Monday, November 5
    Video: Women in creation
    Chapters: 2,3 and 4
  • Monday, November 19
    Video: Women and their service
    Chapters 5,6,7,11
  • Monday December 3
    Video: Women, their emotions and their circumstances
    Chapters: 8.9 and 10

You join? You can purchase your book at LifeWay bookstores, at your favorite Christian bookstore, on Amazon or in our virtual store .

You can also participate in our GiveAway! Revive Our Hearts and B&H will raffle ten digital books “True Woman: God's wonderful design for you . ” Participate here !

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Laura González-De-Chávez

Laura González-De-Chávez

Laura vive en Illinois, Estados Unidos. Es esposa de Fausto. Su pasión es discipular a las mujeres de todas las edades con el fundamento sólido de la Palabra de Dios y ayudarlas a vivir de acuerdo a la fe que … leer más …

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