Ya no más "la reina del fracaso" en la memorización de la Palabra

For years I was the “queen of failure” in keeping the Word of God in my heart. She had great intentions and periodically even managed to memorize a verse or two. The problem was that these verses never seemed to stay in my mind for long. When it came to memorizing the Word, I felt like a total disaster.

So to alleviate my guilt I convinced myself that keeping God's Word in my heart was optional, a great idea for some...but definitely not for me! It was too difficult.

Then I met Tom, a thoughtful man who not only loves God and His Word, but is deeply committed to the discipline of memorizing the Word. Tom's life and teachings reflect the depth of the Word that he has committed to memorizing over the years.

Through his life, the Lord convinced me that memorizing the Word was not just a “difficult area” for me, but that my failure to memorize it had become a sin. I had decided not to keep his Word in my heart because it was too difficult for me!

Convinced of my sin, I asked the Lord for forgiveness and cried out to Him for help to overcome this intimidating giant. Her provision was clearly evident when a friend shared with me a simple tool that had helped her memorize and retain over 500 verses in less than a year.

If you struggle with retaining what you have memorized, I encourage you to try it as described in the article “Scripture Memorization or as I describe below:

“Once a day for seven weeks” [1]

Write the verse (or verses) you will memorize (example: Philippians 1:1 or 1:1-5). Review the verse at least once a day for the next seven weeks. After several days you can begin working on additional verses.

"Once a week for seven months"

After seven weeks, move the verses you have completed to a second sheet of paper (which you will give this title). Review these verses once a week for seven months (I regularly review them on the weekend).

“Once a month for seven years”

When the seven months are over, transfer the verses from the second page to a third page with this title and review them once a month for the next seven years.
With the help of this little tool my love for memorizing and meditating on the Word has increased. In fact, memorizing the Word has brought life to many of the “less spiritual” tasks I do each day: getting ready in the morning, checking on unfinished business, doing laundry, and even mowing the lawn. Although I must warn you that that last one can be misleading. When my husband was perplexed by my ability to mow the lawn in a straight line, I told him that it wasn't difficult if he remembered the verse he was memorizing. But because I am frequently reviewing new verses that require me to look at my memory cards, then I can no longer mow the lawn with the same precision. That's why we made a commitment that I review the new verses when I mow the grass in the back and the older ones when I mow the grass in the front of the house.

What can be the best way to start? You can print the sheets that we have
attached to this article and start memorizing the Word for a few minutes each day. You will be surprised at the benefits of saturating your mind with His Truth.

Memorization of the Word, download it here!

[1] You can do it in a document on the computer, or use a notebook, separate sheets or in the templates that we attach to this article.

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