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One of the things I enjoy most within Revive Our Hearts is embracing all generations under the call that God has given us women. I have loved getting involved in the Joven Verdadera book initiative and the study guide . This project challenged me, not only to address the call of Titus 2 intellectually, but to reach out to the young women that God has placed in my local context to invest in them. This experience has been a great blessing to my life since it was like traveling to the past and remembering things from my life when I was young, mistakes, confusions, lies that I believed and being able to experience first-hand the effect they can have on a person's life. and take that learning together with a humble heart that points to our Lord as the Only path that can take us off the path we are walking and take us along the path that He already prepared in advance for us to walk on. 

The most impressive thing is that in the book I was able to meet other young women who were also willing to embark on the adventure and open their hearts, sharing in a direct, clear, open way but with love and grace so that so many young women today are going through similar situations can not only identify but also find hope and encouragement to move forward in this career ahead of them. 

If you, as a teacher, have a small youth group or if you don't this is the perfect opportunity to either start one or encourage the women in your church who serve young women to join us and through Joven Really participate and study this book together. And if you want to go deeper, I encourage you to download the study guide and take your study to another level. The guide provides an opportunity for young women to keep as if it were a diary, where they can follow a parallel story that is connected. with the stories of the authors of the book leading them to re-read or look for references in the book itself, in the Bible, biblical dictionaries and practical exercises from their daily life, habits, and personal reflections. This allows the young women, if you develop it in groups, to open their hearts, to be able to talk about their struggles and, most of all, to provide a space of sisterhood where they can learn from each other and, most importantly, pray for each other. 

You are in time to join us, we are in week 1 and today we will have our first live where we will be sharing about chapters 1 and 3. If you want to know more information, I invite you to visit here and get more details. As teachers we have a calling to invest in the next generation and guide the younger ones on the path and teach them for godliness. Today more than ever our young women need to be guided to the source of all Truth, to develop a biblical mind so that they can be guided by their convictions and stand firm in a world that tries to seduce them. 

Will you join us?

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