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You may have noticed that we normally have recommended resources in the radio program . For this reason I wanted to take today's blog to talk a little about one of those resources and that we can share a little about it.

In a generation like the one that we have to live if there is something we are familiar with is with a “control”. Last week we bought an apparatus of those that clean the floor. When using it for the first time, it was super comic for my husband and for me, because the device is alone, but brings its remote control. If we do not use that control, for more sensors that this artifact has, if it is not directed by someone who has a better vision of where it should be directed, it would be hit by all the corners of the house. 

So when I saw that the resource we recommend was Shannon Popkin's book "Don't be a controlling woman!" I found that we could talk a little about the subject. When I saw the robot I could see myself trying to control every movement of my life in multiple ways, sometimes hitting me to lack a broader vision, from a correct perspective. Since I acquired the book I had turned it because in my particular case I knew that it would be something that I would feel uncomfortable and confronted.

All of us to some extent we fight with this topic of control. If we analyze our heart well we will see that there is at least one area where we do not want to release control. Something I have noticed is that this manifests itself in various ways in our lives: lawsuits, anger, fear, anxiety, stress ... and the list could follow. In this book the author invites us to consider and analyze 7 women from the Bible whose example leads us to give our lives to the lordship of Christ. The path of a controlling woman is a complicated path, basically full of anxiety, frustration and anger, precisely because we do not get things as we want. And I know because this has been a path that I have traveled personally; I have known firsthand frustration, but I have also known God's grace to me despite wanting to control everything. 

Here I am going to share some of the truths exposed by the author so that you also encourage and if you can, acquire this book: 

  • Although I have hurried to control hundreds of behaviors and situations, I have never been able to safeguard my life from pain. And when taking control, I have actually caused anguish to the people I love, instead of preventing them from suffering. 
  • God never wanted us to carry the burden of trying to control everything. He designed us to live tamely to him, with faith in him every time something seems to threaten our future happiness. To those who love God, we are awaited a great ending. 
  • Rendary to God is what protects us from a miserable and terrifying life. Instead of taking control, Jesus invites us to confess the same as him: "My will is not done, but yours" (Luke 22:42.
  • If we ignore God and take our own path, we will inevitably end is a garbage battery that has lost its appeal. 
  • When God lima the controlling hardness of our heart, he is being good and kind.

The Bible is our mirror, that is where we must seek direction to be able to have the right perspective, the one that only God can give us. And speaking of the word, I also want to encourage you to continue with our one -year -old Bible Reading Plan True Women 365 . We are reading the prophets and we go for Jeremiah's book. So, if you haven't joined, it doesn't matter, you are on time. Start today and fill yourself with the Word of God. 

I also want to share this resource of a study plan of my friend Jeanine Martínez. Today we have a sea of ​​resources available for us that could be overwhelming, so we will always encourage you to deepen the Word of God. Only in his word we can know our condition and how much we need our Lord. Charles Spurgeon said:

“If you want to know God, you must know his word. If you want to perceive his power, you must see how he works with his word. If you want to know his purpose before it happens, he can only discover it through his word. ”

Recommended resources:

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