Es tiempo de Servir | Día 7

How are you remembering the coming of Christ into the world this Christmas season? Every day during the month of December, join us to learn about Christmas songs. Follow us as we experience The First Christmas Carols by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, and open the door to the extraordinary.

We love what is familiar to us. We probably sit in the same place Sunday after Sunday at church and order the same dish at the same restaurant every time we go out to dinner. This is why when we feel the Holy Spirit prompting us to step out of our comfort zone (and I'm not talking about choosing Italian food instead of Mexican for dinner), not many of us are very quick to say yes".

In today's devotional, Nancy shares with us a fragment of the book of Song of Songs, and summarizes the story about a king who chooses not to marry a woman of high birth but rather a humble servant.

In one day, God completely altered this girl's world and everything changed. From that moment on, she said "all generations will call me blessed." And we, as members of one of those future generations, more than two thousand years later, can attest to the accuracy of that statement. Her relationship with Jesus gave her life genuine meaning.

God did what the girl thought would never happen. He chose her to step out of her comfort zone and do something that would bring glory to Him. “When you think about yourself and your possibilities of making a big difference in the world,” Nancy writes, “you may see an ordinary person without many skills, a promising future or special characteristics. Nothing special...Having a relationship with the God of heaven makes any life extraordinary and that is all you need to have an extraordinary life.

Mary's song echoes what is recorded in the Song of Songs. She went from being an ordinary young girl to being the mother of the Savior. She says: “For she has looked upon the humble condition of this her servant; For from now on all generations will consider me blessed” (Luke 1:48).

A call to serve

There are many ways we can serve in our homes, churches and communities. But sometimes we think that if something is not in our control tower, we can't do it. So here's our challenge for the day: find ways to serve your church in ways you haven't before. 

Yes, it may be strange or uncomfortable, but someone in the church who does a certain service will love having some extra help. Perhaps you can volunteer to serve in child care on a Sunday so that someone who serves in this ministry can enjoy a Christmas service that Sunday with her family. Or maybe, if your church is small, help that brother or sister who cleans the church before Sunday service. You can also help the church secretary fold newsletters or the worship director present songs for the Christmas special. 

There are many ways to get involved when we believe God will use our willing hearts. Where will you serve during this time?

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